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TeamsterGTS is the "Teamster Grievance Tracking System".  It is the ultimate grievance software tool for Teamster organizations with real-time grievance cases and step-by-step grievance procedures readily available online.  The TeamsterGTS is also customizable for your local.  The TeamsterGTS team can implement your Teamster logo, meeting steps and data input fields.  Also, you can build all of your contracts / collective bargaining agreements right into the system and back up any relevant grievance documents!

TeamsterGTS Speed

  • Simple design allows for blazing fast connections.
  • Electronic access to the TeamsterGTS from anywhere - home, work, smartphone, or traveling.
  • Simultaneous connections allow for multiple users from anywhere with Internet access. 


No Hardware/Software Install

  • TeamsterGTS is entirely web-based allowing you the freedom and flexibility to do your job without having to concern yourself with technology glitches.
  • With TeamsterGTS hosted cloud computing, your system can be operational within 24 hours.

Security Tools

Keep your grievance data safe from natural disasters, computer crashes, or just general misfiling and loss of paperwork.
  • With TeamsterGTS, your data is backed up twice daily.
  • Your grievance data is protected by secure socket layer (SSL) encryption.
  • TeamsterGTS allows you to give up to 4 different access levels to your system (from "Administrators" to "Read-only" users)
  • Personal access to the TeamsterGTS team as a coach and support for advice on how to best utilize your TeamsterGTS.

Grievance Tools

Welcome to an amazing fusion of simple contract maintenance, grievance document storage, email notification regarding grievance steps and timelines, and contacts in one convenient place-with access from any Internet connection.
  • Track grievances from Step 1.
  • Back up all those crucial grievance documents that are easily misplaced in filing cabinets.
  • Use the TeamsterGTS reporting tool to examine past grievance cases based on your search criteria. 
  • Simple User Guide & Grievance Video Tutorial readily accessible at the click of a mouse.
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