About Us

TeamsterGTS is powered by the Internet Grievance System (IGS).  The IGS was founded in 1998 as a single-system online grievance tracking tool for a Teamster local representing 15,000 members.  Today, we're one of the largest providers of grievance tracking software to not only Teamster locals, but international local unions across various organizations.  More than 200,000 union members depend on TeamsterGTS technology.  We're focused on simplified grievance tracking software.  By focusing exclusively on grievance tracking software, the TeamsterGTS system is powered by the most premier web-based grievance software platform available for your Teamster organization.  We deliver incomparable customer service and support, provide simple point-and-click grievance screens and develop and deliver innovative programming.

We are:

  • Proud to offer one of the most advanced and powerful grievance tracking systems, managing thousands of grievance cases on an annual basis, with 100% grievance data retention since 1998.
  • 100% USA Owned and Operated "Union Friendly" organization.
  • The premier Internet-based grievance software, serving 200,000 plus union members and enabling union officials to easily track grievance cases.
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